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About Us

Vivadea was founded in 2010 by Dhia from her passionate love of designer labels, creative art, beading work, fashion skills & the the most important is adapting universe passion into fashion. We has officially operate virtually in the year 2011 & only use the best fabrics for each design.We offers the most attractive fashion brand and comfortable materials for your daily/evening wear. 

Our signature label would be beading label as it is one of the owner’s passionate in  fashion.Vivadea is a combination of VIVA ( forever ) & DEA ( owner’s name Dhia ) wishing that our vision will always operating successfully & reach the world class design.Once you have experienced Vivadea’s design, it would change the way you are. You will never look back and you will want to keep it the best kept secret in fashion.

Online store Working hours
Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm

Delivery made by POSLAJU MALAYSIA on
Monday & thursday 3.30pm only

Contact us (dhiavivadea):
Whatsapp – 01116026692

Company name:
vivadea Ent. (SA0150347-U))

Official website url

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